+ The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

Nintendo Wii Game New


Condition: New
Release Date: January 12, 2010
G-O Number: 0003-WII-N
UPC Number: 853466001278
Publisher: Xseed Games
Developer: Xseed Games

ESRB Rating


Mild Language, Violence
This is an action game in which players assume the role of a pilot engaging in aerial combat missions. Players control realistic aircraft as they destroy ships in the sea, shoot down enemy planes, and take out military vehicles within a field map. Planes are equipped with machine gun turrets, bombs, and rockets; targets explode in a burst of smoke and flames when hit. The constant radio chatter heightens the intensity of the violence: characters shout "May Day, May Day!" or scream expletives when they are about to crash (e.g., "Dammit! Damn it all! Damn it all to hell!!"); characters are also heard agonizing over the death of comrades or complaining about their military leaders (e.g., "those cold, heartless bastards!").


The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is the latest flight simulation game from Project Aces, the development team behind the Ace Combat series. Holding the Nunchuk in the right hand as the flight control stick and the Wii Remote in the left hand as the throttle, the unique controls of the Wii are fully utilized to simulate the controls of sitting in an actual cockpit. The somber story of a world that needs war to survive is told with a combination of animated cut-scenes and voiced in-game sequences during battle.


  • New Aerial Combat Game from the Creators of Ace Combat • Project Aces, the foremost developer of action-based flight simulation games and the team behind the Ace Combat series, brings their expert knowledge of intense aerial combat to Wii.
  • Innovative Controls Place the Player into the Cockpit The flight control stick is simulated by the Nunchuk which is tilted to roll, pitch, and yaw, while the Wii Remote is titled up to accelerate and down to decelerate in its role as the throttle.
  • Beautiful Landscape and Realistic Sound FX All the minor details of the aerial combatants are visible against a gorgeous landscape, while the realistic sound effects further immerse the player into an actual aerial dog-fight.
  • Deep Story Told Through Animated Cut-Scenes and In-Game Sequences A world so depraved that it needs war to thrive, this alternate reality is brought to life with animated cut-scenes and voiced in-game sequences during combat.

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