About Us

At Ghostly Origin there is an adventure around every corner of our company. Starting with our Live Stream, where we will be broadcasting retro games, new games, upcoming releases and much more. After our Live Stream, you could visit our website (www.GhostlyOrigin.com) that will have a wide selection of products and services to offer the gaming community. Then, you could head over to one of our Social Networks to get information on current and future developments within our company. Finally, just remember the adventure will never end at Ghostly Origin.

Our goal is to provide the gaming community with products and services that will take there gaming to the next level.

Our Products

  • Video Games (Consoles, Accessories and Games)
  • PC Games (Components, Accessories and Games)
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • & more (Books, Collectibles, Clothing, Magazines and etc.)

Our Delivery Options

  • Local Delivery: $5.00
  • Standard Delivery: $7.50
**Local Delivery is only available in select markets.**

Our Gaming Networks

  • Xbox Live: Ghostly Origin
  • Playstation Network: Ghostly_Origin
  • Magic: The Gathering Online: Ghostly_Origin