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Ghostly Origin is an Achievement Hunter slash Completionist gamer, who plays games on all platforms. Favorite game series are Halo, Darksiders, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Lords of the Fallen, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Bros. Most games are played to fully complete and others to grab as many achievements throughout the story as possible. Game footage is streamed on youtube from time to time, usually when the game is completed on the hardest difficulty.

In 2015, Ghostly Origin set out on an adventure to complete goals, offer products and services, and connect with the gaming community. This adventure will continue to expand into the future.


  • Provide the gaming community with products and services that will take them to the next level

Products offered

  • Video Games (Consoles, Accessories and Games)
  • PC Games (Components, Accessories and Games)
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • & more (Books, Collectibles, Clothing, Magazines and etc.)

Services offered

  • USPS Local Delivery (Next Business Day): $5.00
  • USPS Standard Delivery (2 to 5 Business Days): $7.50
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**USPS Local Delivery is only available in select markets.**

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