Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear

Playstation 3

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Condition: New / Used

Release Date: June 29, 2010

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Publisher: 505 Games

Developer: Behaviour Interactive

ESRB Rating

T for Teen


This is an action game in which players assume the role of a large stuffed teddy bear named Naughty Bear, who lives alone in a hut on Paradise Island. Players are prompted by an unseen narrator to interact with other teddy bears, and to perform assorted "naughty" tasks: scaring other bears in order to drive them insane; using weapons (pipes, machetes, baseball bats, pistols, ray guns, etc.) to attack and kill pedestrian, zombie, alien, and paramilitary teddy bears; and sabotaging or destroying other bears' parties, tools, and daily activities. Damage is indicated by squeals and clouds of fluffy cotton. Though the art style is overtly colorful and "cartoony," players have the ability to finish enemies off (e.g., slamming heads with car doors, breaking necks, stomping, impaling) and drive teddy bears to commit suicide (e.g., self-stabbing, shots to the head). Throughout the game, the narrator provides guidance and encouragement with the intent to be humorous; for example, "Awesome Electrocution," "Defluffication," and "When a bear becomes insane, you can run up close to him and perform an outrageously naughty move . . ."


This psychopath teddy bear is out for revenge and stuffed with evil intentions. Striking terror in the hearts of all bears, Naughty Bear lets you scare the stuffing out of your victims before you impale them on your machete. Filled with over the top cartoon violence, this one of a kind adventure game is built on an innovative AI foundation that makes this game hours of fun for gamers of all levels. Naughty Bear a game about being naughty.


  • The game experience is different every time with a huge number of choices the player can make
  • Watch the bears gang up on you and work together
  • Evade ‘the Fuzz’, and increasingly dangerous Teddies as they scramble to react to your extreme naughtiness
  • Earn points through scares, intimidation and kills rack up the points as you rack up the body count!